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Un Viaggio Senza Fine

Julien Guerrera

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from 2014-03-28 to 2014-03-29

Rolli days - Rolli Frames

Isadora Bucciarelli

from 2013-05-25 to 2013-06-02

Peepshow (scatole per guardoni)

Enrico Macchiavello

Violabox introduces a new and amazing Macchiavello's show , a new "telescopic" version  of his works, optic games that were  into cinema, they are now revisited in his grotesque and tragicomical key .

from 2012-10-05 to 2012-11-30

La mia maglia blu e i miei calzini bianchi

Rudy Dore, Gianluca Sturmann

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from 2012-02-11 to 2012-02-29


Luca Bochicchio con Maria Amos, Gino Russo, Franz Sthler.

Replika KlokkerComing Soon replika klockor

from 2011-12-17 to 2012-02-03

Eco d'arte

Enrico Macchiavello, Sergio Leta, Marco Puerari

from 2011-11-26 to 2011-11-26

MORGASMATRON - 30 Minutes of fear


from 2011-11-12 to 2011-12-08

Passport Photo

Silvano Galifi

from 2011-10-07 to 2011-11-03

Bestiario Mitologia del contemporaneo

Roberto Brundu, Giorgio Fracassi, Sergio Leta, Matteo Macci

Replika Klokker
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from 2011-09-16 to 2011-10-08

Rolli Days

Luigi Copello "Concerto segreto"

from 2011-05-21 to 2011-06-30

Solo shows

Sergio Leta - Matteo Macci

from 2011-05-07 to 2011-05-22

La fermata sbagliata

Marco Puerari

from 2011-03-26 to 2011-04-23

AAF Affordable Art Fair Milano

Luigi Copello, Mirko Credito, Silvano Galifi, Enrico Macchiavello, Etienne Zerah.

The Affordable Art Fair Milan
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Superstudio Più, via Tortona, 3-6 February 2011
The leading showcase internationally...

from 2011-02-03 to 2011-02-06


Benedetta Debenedetti, Nicola Alessandrini, RallitoX, Rudy Dore, Serena Zanardi, Siva, Stefano Gentile, Stefano Pach, Francesco Tromba.

from 2010-12-11 to 2011-01-15

El patio de mi casa

Fran Bravo

from 2010-11-13 to 2010-12-04


Enrico Macchiavello

For the 2010 START Event at the Claque space at Teatro della Tosse in Vico San Donato 9, Violabox presents one of Italy's most well known Artists.
It's impossible to not recognize his style... wether it's a drawing,

from 2010-09-30 to 2010-11-06

Mors est ianua vitae

Tommaso Garavini

Tommaso Garavini's first solo show in Genova is a collection of the past 5 years of his artistic creation. It will include works on paper, on canvas, small plaster sculptures, rusted objects, and other found objects from different ages.

from 2010-09-11 to 2010-10-01

Dove abbonda il peccato sovrabbonda la grazi

SIlvano Galifi

Like a modern "Guernica" the show revealed that there will be an installation consisting of 13-figure dolls,patek philippe replica watches battered by violence and ferocity of man,...

from 2010-05-08 to 2010-05-29


from 2010-04-17 to 2010-05-13

Luigi Copello

from 2010-03-13 to 2010-04-15

Sergio Leta

from 2010-02-13 to 2010-03-10

Group show

from 2009-11-14 to 2010-01-09

Nicola Oliveri

from 2009-10-01 to 2009-11-07


Tommaso Garavini, Tommaso Guerra e Flavia di Nardo

from 2009-09-18 to 2009-09-22

Sergio Leta, Enrico Macchiavello, Matteo Macci, Etienne Zerah.

from 2009-08-22 to 2009-09-06

Luigi Copello, Enrico Macchiavello

from 2009-07-04 to 2009-07-05

Etienne Zerah

from 2009-06-13 to 2009-06-30

Marco Puerari

from 2009-06-09 to 2009-09-13

Sandrine Bouniere - Barbara Segal

from 2009-05-23 to 2009-05-24

Marco Puerari

from 2009-04-30 to 2009-06-12

Copello, Cosulich, Garavini, Leta, Machiavello, Marcacci, Oliveri, Puerari. Giannotta

<a href=" " title="Replika Klokker">Replika Klokker</a>

from 2009-04-11 to 2009-05-24

Silvano Galifi

from 2009-03-21 to 2009-04-09


from 2008-12-13 to 2009-01-10


The concept of Transgenic Trattoria arises from the doubts that each one of us might have when eating any new...

from 2008-12-02 to 2008-12-28

Edoardo Cavazzuti Daniele De Batt

from 2008-12-01 to 2008-12-11

Erlend Mrk

from 2008-11-15 to 2008-12-15

Sergio Leta

from 2008-10-09 to 2008-11-08


from 2008-09-13 to 2008-10-11

Anna Cosulich e Marco Puerari

from 2008-05-14 to 2008-05-24


from 2008-04-04 to 2008-05-31

Matteo Macci

from 2008-03-15 to 2008-04-06

Giorgio Fracassi

from 2008-02-09 to 2008-03-01

Consuelo Zatta

from 2007-12-07 to 2008-01-02


Nicola Oliveri

from 2007-11-08 to 2007-12-02


from 2007-10-04 to 2007-10-31

Sergio Leta

from 2007-09-15 to 2007-09-29


from 2007-09-06 to 2007-10-07

Anna Martin

from 2007-04-26 to 2007-05-26

Mirco Marcacci

from 2007-03-17 to 2007-04-14


Kaszas Pastorino Ponassi

Replika Klokkerreplika klockor

from 2007-01-13 to 2007-02-11


Bravo, Giannotta, Leta, Macchiavello

from 2006-12-14 to 2007-01-06

Marco Puerari

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from 2006-11-29 to 2006-12-12